Live Art Class Prep

The Relaunch Events are beginning this Saturday and that means it's time to prepare for lessons. This is a guide to get you prepared.

Live Art Class takes place on from June 16-22


Charcoal (or Graphite) Pencil/Stick and Eraser

18" by 24" Newsprint/Drawing Paper

Large Clipboard for holding paper vertical

Ink, Brush, Stick/Pole, Tape, and Water Container

Optional Materials

Still Life Setup (Bottles, objects, foods, etc.)

Sandpaper and Utility Knife

Charcoal Powder and a Chamois Cloth

Acrylic, Brush, and Water Container

Additional and more specific materials can be found under each exercise by hitting Begin Here under each exercise on the Learn Page

20160212_044122a.jpg Lessons

In order to prepare your line work and get your arm moving I suggest doing the Part One: Basics lessons


Join Anytime

If you are starting the lessons after the stream classes have begun just continue the lessons where we are.

The exercises are standalone. 

When the stream is over you can watch the VoDs to catch up with the previous lessons

VoD times will be listed on the Learn page