Day lune on black drop o’cast ivory blue. 
Beds of snow blanket Lays ‘neath quiet air.

Holy moment, Infinite tumultuous loci hover, coolly shivering compile still-frost,
Inert, gyrating circulars, frozen in suspense against the forever expanse, inherent cosmos,
Palpitating comets perpetually falling in place, anxious to collapse and fault haven, bound to shatter on unstippled glass o’head

Nexus, glazed breath contours pitch-teal abyssal lagoon between singular Celestials,
Effusive frigid sweltering, electric zephyr bridges mountain, gapless canyon coated in melted snow
Holy moment, dual immortals traverse still-lake, above harmonized glass resonating atop vortex of nihilistic disorder, eternally reconciled in this terse moment

Two interwoven halos entwined as omega, encrusted in living bark, it’s glacial stone features fracture
Crumbles reveal glow, a band of eternally flowing golden thunder
Inevitable it strike a double thousand times at every echo of Being


Of course, precipitates a circular barrage
Terrene once more, animation
will see grip faded, fallen through

Lucid inception into borne eye, seeded re-instance into forlorn lie
banging at the bay window under lightened twilight of Capricorn moon.