silicon art jam

contest theme: "touch"



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Find the Light - Timo L
Untitled - Indy Go
To Touch Your Heart - Annabel Staneke
Touchingsea - Icekura
Touched by the Sun - GoodGuyHans
Untitled - Irit Avraham
Touch - Full Muddy
Touch - Iris
Untitled - Icecream20
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  • submission requirements:

    • file name: Twitch username or Codename

    • file type: image, .jpeg, or .png file or audio

    • must relate to the presented theme

    • must have been started June 23

    • acceptable mediums:

      • oil, acrylic, watercolor, inks, clay and other sculpting mediums, charcoal, pastel, color pencil, graphite, copic markers, audio, and digital painting software

  • create and submit one piece made during the Silicon Art Jam stream for a chance to win a prize

    • Prizes:

      • 1st Place wins an Original Pastel Drawing

        • awarded to the whoever collects the most votes

        • the original is the one posted in the SiliconBleach instagram promo

      • 2nd Place wins a Medium-Sized Art Print

        • awarded to the second most vote

      • 3rd Place wins a Postcard-sized Art Print

        • awarded to the third most votes

  • by uploading:

    • you give permission for your piece to be displayed on this page and the SiliconBleach twitch stream, twitch VoD discord server, social media, and youtube channel