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Dungeons and Dragons

Death at Silverlight Manor
Episode 2

SiliconBleach as Dro Tael the Half-Drow Rogue
PaleSienna as Catepillar the Half-Elf Druid
Timo_matic_paints as Surtur the Human Folkhero
Gomlsauce as Ixock the Paladin
BardicWarrior as Drixie the Pixie

njohnson88 as the DM

The manor stood atop the hill at Silverlight Port, a town layered in a thick mist, a byproduct of malicious forces lurking inside. The mayor had funded a previous expedition of fighters into the area but no word had returned. We were offered whatever treasures may lay inside for the same job. Warlocks, hellhounds, and monsters had recently overtaken the manor from a group of cultists. I was separated from my friends after we interrupted a warlocks ritual. They were pulled through a demonic portal. They returned, their faces burnt with a hellish mark, seemingly safe.
— Dro Tael
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