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Dungeons and Dragons

Death at Silverlight Manor
Episode 1

SiliconBleach as Dro Tael the Half-Drow Rogue
PaleSienna as Catepillar the Half-Elf Druid
Timo_matic_paints as Surtur the Human Folkhero
BardicWarrior as Drixie the Pixie
njohnson88 as the DM

After narrowly escaping from a Drow necromancer stronghold riddled with goblins and bugbears the party swam to safety. The town of Phandalin now destroyed the group was directed to the nearby town of X. Ambushed by bandits along the way the heroes arrive at x with three prisoners amidst rumors of a new dangerous cult patrolling the area, lead by the Spider Queen.
Later Event: July 16
Live Broadcast - Oil Painting