emote contest

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pick your favorite emote submission (you may vote twice)

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terms & conditons

  • submission requirements:
    • file name: Twitch or emote name
    • file size: 112 x 112 pixels
    • file type: .png file
    • must abide by Twitch Emote Guidelines + Requirements
    • must relate to the SiliconBleach Twitch Channel
  • create and submit an emote for a chance to win a prize
    • Prizes:
      • 1st Place wins a Medium-sized Art Print chosen from the Store
        • awarded to the submitter if I upload and use the emote for the Twitch channel
        • votes are taken into consideration
      • 2nd and 3rd Place wins a Postcard-sized Art Print
        • awarded to the other two winners and determined by the vote
        • will be uploaded to our Discord Server
  • by uploading:
    • the 1st place winner gives irrevocable permission for me to upload and use the emote on the SiliconBleach Twitch channel, Discord server, and VODs
    • the 2nd and 3rd Place winners give permission for me to upload and use the emote on BTTV, Silicon Bleach Discord server, and VODs
    • all other emote submissions will not be used without your permission
    • you give permission for the emote to be shown on this page and broadcasted on the SIliconBleach Twitch Stream (and saved on the Broadcast VOD)
  • in the case that you submit the emote and win 1st Place you may not submit the emote to any other Twitch (or other streaming service) channel