Curated Portfolio

The Hieroglyphs series began in 2018 and consists of concepts and stories mined from the subconscious. Characters and locales interconnect and morph to form archetypes and express truths of the human condition and universe. Drawn from the collective conscience, Hieroglyphs is produced without the use of any live model or reference. Non-chronological snippets of the series are portrayed below.

The end of 2017 lead to a metamorphosis in subject and direction with the beginning of the Apris Facile series. Apris Facile began with a shift from artwork made through live model or reference to artwork originating solely from the mind. The subjects represent multiple layers of expression: archetypes from mythos, personal circumstance, esoteric states, symbolism and hidden meaning, etc.

Before the illustrations of Hieroglyphs and Apris Facile my process was traditionally oriented. Live model and references were used for the following works. The most notable series of this time period was Dialunity, a look on the dualistic and infinite properties of ideas and subjects. Paintings, drawings, and mixed media examples are displayed here.

Painting category mediums include: Oil, Watercolor, Black Ink, and Shellac Ink.

Drawing category mediums include: Pastel, Conte Crayon, and a variety of Charcoals.

Amalgam (mixed media) category mediums include: Gold, Silver, and Copper Leaf, pastel, inks, watercolor, alcohol, salt, tea leaves.