Thank You

To all my contributors,

My life has been touched by many persons with whom I've shared countless precious experiences. I can look back on memories of these encounters with a fond smile and the sort of subtle disbelief that accompanies a cherished possession.

There was a time my passion dwindled and became latent. Every day felt redundant, as if I were wandering through a repeating black dessert, directionless. A slave of cruel time shuffling away from troubled circumstances. I knew, the entire time, that the dessert was demanding a decision. I could succumb indefinitely as I hollowed and decayed further or I could allow myself to feel the true pain of thirst and climb and claw my way into life. I had to find a dimly burning ember inside, a flame I thought was extinguished and reignite my affection and will. I did this with art and today my coal sears mediums with an unreasonable tenacity. 

In the Spring of 2016 I took my first drawing class at my local community college. I dealt with any obstacles that dared arise and in the Fall launched the SiliconBleach live stream on Twitch. Coupled with my first painting classes I developed my knowledge and technique alongside friends and strangers, the artists and the curious, and my supporters.

Art is precious to me but I wouldn't have the opportunity to be where I am today without you. Not a single one of you will be forgotten and I hope to someday return this kindness or at the very least spread it to others with the same graciousness as you have brought it to me. 

My eternal gratitude to you,



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Under Construction


Family, my mother and father, the two people who created and sculpted me into who I am today. They took me by the hand and showed me the world. 

My brothers, Taylor, Serdar, Alex, Tyler, Matthew, etc. Friends who stand by me as we look over the cliff and cherish the expanse that lies before us.

Models and Muses. Countless and crucial. The foundation of my work.

Artists and Viewers. Teachers and Professors. The peers who shape my art at each moment.

And those who purchase, display, and share my art for the minds of the world.


Aleane14, bootiliciousness, chumposaur, darvoid, decktheholls, frickennuggets666, harjot20, hellbentvet, ilov3puppies, l3vines, littlepup, moonwitchdancing, nejohnson88, palesienna, razordawn, renlen, roxdaddy, susensd, timo_matic_paints, trakomg, winterian.