stream layout

The objective of the game is to descend into the dungeon and collect artifacts, gold, and other treasure tokens and escape back up past the green line or out of the dungeon at the top before the dragon wakes up and blows everyone away. You navigate the dungeon using three assets which you gain from different cards in your deck: Power, Boots, and Skill.

Each turn you draw 5 cards and use the assets to perform a variety of actions. You can use Boots to move down a path, use Swords to fight a monster card (in the Dungeon Row), or use Skills to purchase a card (from the Dungeon Row). If you are in the special store you can buy a store item. If you are in an artifact or idol room you may take an artifact. But be wary as you may only hold one artifact at a time (unless you purchased a backpack). Picking up an artifact is permanent and you cannot put it down.

draw phase

end phase



Frozen Room.png
Heart Room.png
Shop Room.png
Idol 1.png
Idol 2.png
Idol 3.png

Pathway Boot.png
Pathway Key.png
Pathway Sword.png


card types

how to lose

There are two ways to lose in Clank!, taking too much damage from Dragon Attacks on your health counter OR not reaching above the green line during the final Dragon Attack

the clanks

These cubes are called Clanks! and represent noises that wake the dragon. Each player has his own Clank’s which are added to the Clank! Area as a result of certain cards.

Yellow Clanks.png
Green Clanks.png
Blue Clanks.png
Dragon Piece.png
Black Clanks.png

the dragon

Once the dragon attacks all the Clanks in the Clank! Area are placed in the Dragon Bag, which starts off with 24 Black Clank! Cubes. If a black cube is drawn no damage occurs.

Dragon Attack.png

the dragon counter

Dragon Timer.png

the health counter

Health Bar.png

the countdown track

Player Initiated Counter.png

how to win

When the game is over the points pf the players who escaped the dungeon or at least the depths are summed up. The player with the most points wins and is declared the Greatest Thief in the Realm. In the case of a tie, the tied player with the most valuable Artifact is the winner.

Mastery Token

Mastery Token

Card Points

Card Points







Store Items

Store Items

Monkey Idols

Monkey Idols


Big Secret.png
Small Secrets.png

When entering a room with a Major Secrets or Minor Secrets you may choose to take and reveal one (1) token.


Greater Treasure

5 gold that can be saved or used anytime.



Not an artifact. Worth 7 points at the end. Keep.

Greater - Draw 3.png

Flash of Brilliance

Immediately draw three cards. Discard token.

Greater - Potion of Healing.png

Greater Healing Potion

Use during your turn to heal 2 damage. Discard after use.

Greater - Skill Booster.png

Greater Skill Boost

Immediately gain 5 skill. Discard token.

Minor - Boots.png

Potion of Swiftness

Use during your turn to gain 1 Boot. Discard after use.

Minor - Healing.png

Healing Potion

Use during your turn to heal 1 damage. Discard after use.

Minor - Magic Spring.png

Magic Spring

At the end of your turn, trash a card from your Play Area or Discard Pile along with this token.

Minor - Gold 2.png


2 gold that can be saved or used anytime.

Minor - Dragon Egg.png

Dragon Egg

Advanced the dragon marker 1 space. Worth 3 points at the end. Keep.

Minor - Skills.png

Skill Boost

Immediately gain 2 Skill. Discord token.

Minor - Swords.png

Potion of Strength

Use during your turn to gain 2 Sword. Discard after use.

market items

Shop Room.png

If you are in one of the four Market rooms you may make a purchase at the cost of 7 gold and place the token in your Play Area

Shop Crown.png

Three Crowns

Worth the number of points shown. (10 > 9 > 8)

Shop Key.png

Two Master Keys

Allows you to use tunnels with a lock icon. (Worth 5 points at the end.)

Shop Pack.png

Two Backpacks

Allows you to carry an additional artifact. (Worth 5 points at the end.)